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These items are downloadable software which we feel offer value to people with interest in speech technology.

For developers:

Free! Speak Freely for Windows is an Internet phone program for talking to someone, PC-to-PC, over a network, i.e., a voice chat program. It has encryption hooks, an "answering machine" that allows somebody to leave voice messages if you're online but away from the computer and cross platform Unix/Linux versions. There are facilities for setting up your own budly list addressing server so that you can find out who else is on-line just like the "commercial" chat programs. The voice quality can be quite good. Text chat box also included. It integrates with ICQ. The included C++ source code is a goldmine of useful insights on how to work with speech on the Internet.

Free! Center for Spoken Language Understanding has a very comprehensive toolkit for experimenting with speech recognition and human interaction including facial animation tools.

IBM ViaVoice SDK for Linux. Alas, IBM has stopped offering this as of mid-2002. But you can find one included in RedHat Linux 6.0 (and possibly others). See the Application CD.

Free!. Unofficial Dragon NaturallySpeaking Information Pages has wealth of insider information about the internals of the Dragon architecture, performance improvement tips and some ways to add extended macro capabilities using Python code and extended grammar files. Some downloadable utilities are provided for hacking the registry to override special command names and vocabulary manipulation. Applies mostly to versions 4.0 and lower but still useful for later versions.


We keep adding to this list from time to time, so stop back.



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