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How We Test:

OUR TESTERS FOLLOW A CAREFUL DISCIPLINE designed to explore many dimensions of a product. But before we explain all that, if you are a speech software vendor, be sure to read the "Beating the Competition" section of For Vendors Only to give you some perspective on what follows.

The tester group looks at three product aspects specifically:

  • bugs - failures of the product to meet the specification
  • usability - ways in which the product impedes a user's attempt to do things within the specification
  • expandability - ways in which the product impedes reasonable use beyond the specification

We take a very hard-line position about usability and expandability. This is in contrast to other reviewers who, for speech products, consider accuracy of recognition a prime factor - we tend to take a lenient approach to recognition accuracy. So our ratings of products will often be not as glowing as reports found elsewhere.

We emphasize usability because errors will occur as they would even with a live human friend. So, a much more relevant concern is how easily errors can be corrected.

We stress expandability because inevitably a user is more imaginative about the ways to employ a product because of rising expectations associated with computers that can now seemingly understand speech. We believe, therefore, that for any product to survive, designers must pay attention to reasonable applications of the product outside of the original target design.

More on bug testing...
More on usability...
More on expandability...




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