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Product Reviews

OUR LABS ARE CURRENTLY REVIEWING many products using a careful discipline. Some reviews are completed. And there will always be some in progress. Here's what we've got right now.

Full Reviews:

Early Summaries for Works in Progress:

Because our testing methodology is very thorough, full reviews appear a little slower than everybody would like. For full reviews that are still in the labs, preliminary capsule summaries below show a little of what is going on back at the smoking computers.

  1. IBM ViaVoice v8, Dragon Naturally Speaking 6.0 continue to show improvements for 2002 but need beefier machines.
  2. Telex M-60 Aria desktop microphone. We really like this microphone. Slight decrease in recognition accuracy is compensated by freedom from wearing a headset. Slightly sensitive to room wall reflections. A bit large on the desk.
  3. Andrea array microphone. Smaller footprint and same wire free advantages as Telex M-60 but more expensive.
  4. Unisys Natural Language Speech Assistant - the premiere dialogue design tool for telephony applications. This is a real time saver which helps to produce computer/human interactions that won't try your customer's patience.
  5. English Wizard - the premiere tool for talking to the company database. Lets you say to your computer "show me all the customers who have credit cards but not home equity loans and live in zip code 10005". Facilities for talking via the Web are impressive.


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