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PROJECT 1: Many speech vendors include bulky headset mikes with their dictation products, but we give our clients other options. Here are ideas that seem to be working, especially with IBM's ViaVoice:

  • A cheap "QuickShot" microphone fitted with a special exponential horn of our own design. The whole thing sits on your desk and picks up your voice. No headset!
  • A certain Radio Shack wireless mike. The mike stays clipped to your clothing, but you can walk around while commanding the computer. Works like a champ after some tweaking with soundcard mixer parameters.
  • Telex M-60 desktop mike. Works well in quiet offices.
PROJECT 2: We're refining ways to use speech to talk to databases. Specifically, how to use speech to ask questions like "what's our total exposure in Japanese Yen?" or "who's our best credit risk?" or "who bought convertible bonds but not warrants?' or "what is the status of Lamberth vs. US?" or "what meetings do I have after 3 PM?". We can demonstrate this application on laptops.
PROJECT 3: We're calculating how much money an airline would save if they had a computer read back an itinerary to the traveler rather than taking the agent's time to do that.

If you would like to apply our research findings to your business, contact us.


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