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    INSTEAD, you and your staff could be multiplying productivity by talking to computers rather than typing.

    Welcome to VoiceWizard, your resource for speech recognition and voice technology.

how can you best begin... 

    IF YOU'RE IN A HURRY to browse the site for information about the latest in speech products, use the sidebar at the right to guide you around. But if you want executive insight into this humanizing trend in hardware and software, consider these options: 
    • Start at What's Out There. This will give you an idea of the kinds of offerings currently available in the speech technology industry. Then look over the FAQ area which answers frequently asked questions about speech technology. We cover some of the major industry events in News.
    • When you can't wait to find out what's on the edge - then go to Hot Products .
    • We give hard hitting opinions about vendor offerings in Product Reviews.
    • If you are a manufacturer of hardware or software, please check out our extensive product evaluation and reviewer's guide Consulting Services .
    • If you are a developer or rabid speech tinkerer, check out our free download area.

 what's going on... 

    THIS SITE IS FOR YOU the purchaser of speech technology products. It is also for developers of software using speech products as part of the design. You will find reviews of both retail level products and speech products for programmers. You can also record product bugs you find and wish list features. Those bugs, features, and your interests are communicated to our vendor network regularly. When we see a gap in the technology, we push for a fix. 

    This site is designed and exists for public examination of the state of the art and also to help shape where that art is going. So have a go at it. Explore. Learn. Click the links. Kick the tires.

    As an additional resource, VoiceWizard (Roland Racko) recommends that you check out the Software Development Magazine site, to which he contributes frequently on these topics.


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