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Here's some we are looking at right now:


The above items are products which have caught our attention. We alert you to them so that you may explore them meanwhile. See "Product Reviews" for those items that have already been reviewed at this site. The following are sneak previews:

Microsoft Speech Server 2004 - Microsoft's entry into the business integration benefits of speech technology. Integrates Intel, Dialogic and Windows components to produce a credible way of servicing web, mobile and phone sales channels. Developer tool kit for grammar and dialog development included. Available now.

Telex and Andrea - Both companies are offering sophisticated microphones that eliminate the need to wear a headset while dictating. The microphones sit on your desk instead. We are getting some decreased accuracy - approximately 1%, but the convenience of not needing a headset makes up for that. Available now.

Dragon Systems, IBM - for executives who do creative work outside the office. Enables you to talk into a small recording unit while on the road and then have the words turned into text at a later time by your desktop computer. Tester Feedback: "A little rough around the edges, but when you need it, you really benefit." Available now. Reviews here.

ScanSoft RealSpeak - For developing voice response telephone applications on Windows and Linux platforms. This is a special purpose server which generates exceptionally realistic computer speech. It's so good that it's unfair to really put it in the category of "computer speech." If you aren't familiar with how tinny and stilted current computer voices sound when reading a date like "1/21/01", click this little speaker Bad Old Computer Voices. To hear a high fidelity sample of RealSpeak generated speech for that same phrase, click this speaker RealSpeak Generated Voice (caution - 100+ kb .wav files, 30+ seconds each download time). Tester Feedback: "Wow!"




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