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WE'RE IN BUSINESS TO HELP companies avoid the disappointment of low payoff for their product introductions, particularly when the products use speech technology, and more generally when the product represents a departure from earlier product lines or extends the line in innovative ways. Our services are available to companies on a bid basis, or if the project is not yet well-defined, on a retainer basis as product architect assistance.

For non-speech enabled projects, we start by finding out what qualities make the user interface easy and exciting. For voice oriented projects, we often start by preparing a survey of exactly where in your business would the introduction of "voice" have a high payoff.

Here is an idea of the kind things we get involved with...

For a major brokerage firm, designed a provisioning strategy for Linux which permits rollout of 1000 servers in an hour.

For a Sun Microsystems channel partner, design an architecture and manufacturing process for a self booting DVD which loads a Sun server with virtual tape emulation software and either Linux or Solaris 10 OS

For an international veterinarian supply firm, examine suitability of Linux software infrastructure of a potential European merger partner.

For a retail giftware firm, designed a speech enabled kiosk and global network to be deployed internationally in airports for travelers to use while waiting for connections.

For a major international consumer electronics firm, evaluated usability and convenience features of a personal video recorder.

For a major international electronics firm, produced a 'reviewer's guide' to be distributed to magazine editors and reviewers which highlighted important product features in a way most accessible to these reviewers and most favorable towards the product..

For a top 3 insurance firm, developed a prototype voice controlled mutual-fund performance query package.

For a medium-sized metropolitan legal firm, selected specialized hardware, microphones and special purpose voice commands tailored to the legal profession.

For a nationally recognized software manufacturer, designed preliminary voice interface for a business analysis tool.

On a regular basis we are called upon to evaluate, in depth, consumer electronics products, voice products and developer voice software, multimedia websites, entertainment venues, network infrastructure, developer tools and business strategy. Some is done by private contract, some is done on a regular schedule for Dr. Dobbs Journal, the software industry's premiere trade publication for software developers.

Thus, we have up to the minute knowledge of what will do the job and what is the best value for business situations. It gives us the pulse, pace, and direction of these exciting new technologies.

and for voice products, watch out for this...

Because speech-enabled products have a lot of flash and glitz, it is easy to believe that the flash will compensate for mistakes or clumsiness in the audio user interface. Thus, a development team can be tempted to think that they can just pass the software around amongst themselves or some "free" beta testers and that will be adequate to find all the human factors problems. Now that every vendor has usable speech recognition accuracy, the next delineator of product goodness will be human factors.

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