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Dragon Systems NaturallySpeaking 4.0 Professional

DRAGON SYSTEMS IS USUALLY THE LEADER in human factors and accuracy. But everyone else is getting better so the remaining rough edges on this product need attention if Dragon is to maintain a strong lead.


Pros: Most evolved macro facility, best dictation engine feedback, best dictated English syntax interpretation

Cons: Mediocre integration of mobile recorder, unfinished correction facilities, weak text to speech facilities

Installation and Initial Enrollment

Before you begin using NaturallySpeaking, you must enroll in its training window. The training session is the visually clearest, cleanest, easiest and most foolproof of all the products but requires a beefy (300 Mhz or better) machine for the short 5 minute training sessions. Otherwise the training session is 15-40 minutes depending on the speed of the CPU. There is a wide assortment of training texts which adds interest to a process everyone otherwise would like to be rid of.

There isn't any way to train recognition errors arising during the transcription process from the palm recorder. Repeated playback and correction of misunderstood phrases with the palm recorder's rudimentary controls isn't practical. So it's not clear whether accuracy can improve with the palm recorder in the same way it can with direct dictation.

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