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L&H Voice Xpress 4.0

LERNOUT AND HAUSPIE HAS IMPROVED Voice Xpress in many ways over their last offering. But on balance it still has catching up to do in terms of bug reduction, features and accuracy.


Pros: Command structure most flexible and requires least amount of exact memorization, very good undo capabilities, clear manuals, slick and professional mobile recording device.

Cons: Very weak macro capability, poor recognition engine feedback, lacks recorded voice playback, so-so accuracy.

Installation and Initial Enrollment

The installation process left 21 MB of files in the Windows temp directory, but was otherwise smooth. You can use Voice Xpress without enrollment training, although accuracy is just fair. The minimum enrollment training session takes about six minutes (although L&H strongly recommends more).

Enrollment has some unfinished spots. Sometimes it stalls with no indication while you re-dictate a phrase. Our testers also complained about some ambiguously labeled buttons, inconsistent use of typeface in instructions, and failure to restore background images after dialog words disappeared.

In practice, we found that additional training beyond the six minutes helped accuracy somewhat.

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